“The honey is uniquely soothing.”
F. Ryan, Oregon
“My customers can't get enough of them.”
J. Mills, Massachusetts
“Nothing soothes my sore throat better!”
L. Santanelli, Connecticut

Helping Honey Bees

It’s quite simple. Without honey bees, there would be no Honees. 

Few of us realize just how important honey bees are to our food system. Virtually all of our fruit and nut crops are pollinated by honey bees. That apple you are eating started out as a flower pollinated by a honey bee. That handful of almonds? Each one of them required a honey bee.

Without honey bees, the produce aisle would be a very empty place.

But, honey bees are facing challenges like never before, the most recent being a still-mysterious “colony collapse” that is devastating bee hives.

The organizations below are working to protect not just honey bees but all pollinators, such as our native bumble bees and butterflies. We invite you to visit their websites to learn more, and get involved. 

The Pollinator Stewardship Council
The mission of the Pollinator Stewardship Council is to defend managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impact of pesticides.

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
The Xerces Society is a nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat. For over forty years, the Society has been at the forefront of invertebrate protection worldwide, harnessing the knowledge of scientists and the enthusiasm of citizens to implement conservation programs.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Make your own yard an oasis for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators by planting the native plants they love. The LBJ Wildflower Center is an amazing resource, with plant lists for any region of North America.

American Beekeeping Federation
The ABF works in the interests of all beekeepers, big and small. For all things related to beekeeping, this is a great resource.