“The honey is uniquely soothing.”
F. Ryan, Oregon
“My customers can't get enough of them.”
J. Mills, Massachusetts
“Nothing soothes my sore throat better!”
L. Santanelli, Connecticut

Top Rated Cough Drops for Decades!

“These are the only cough drops I’ll use. The menthol/eucalyptus is strong, but doesn’t burn or taste ‘medicine.’ The honey is uniquely soothing.

“These are best tasting cough drop and if you like honey with a little menthol you are going love this product.”

“They are wonderful. My customers can’t get enough of them.”

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 Calms Coughs Naturally

 Soothes Sore Throats

 Liquid Honey Center

 No Artificial Colors/Flavors


 Non GMO

 Safe for Pregnancy / Nursing

 Eucalyptus Oil

 Lemon Oil

 50% Bigger Cough Drops!