Natural Throat Drops

“The honey is uniquely soothing.”
F. Ryan, Oregon
“My customers can't get enough of them.”
J. Mills, Massachusetts
“Nothing soothes my sore throat better!”
L. Santanelli, Connecticut

What people are saying …

“The Honees menthol cough drops with honey are awesome. I prefer menthol cough drops and have always liked honey centers but have never been able to find them combined. I tried these are they are amazing. They taste good and they feel awesome on a sore throat!”

“I love, love, LOVE the Honees Lemon Honey Cough Drops.  They are the only thing that can calm my cough and soothe my throat, long after the drop melts in my mouth.”

“The best cough drops hands down. The honey center is amazing for a sore throat.”

“These are great for soothing a cough and sore throat. I’ve shared these with family and coworkers and we all agree that the Honees work better than any other lozenges out there.”

“These are the best, I gave some to my family and friends and they were elated at the results.”

“Nice to have these handy during cold and flu season or any time you have a sore throat or cough. Liquid center is very tasty.”

“Best cough drops I’ve used.”

“I liked these a lot and would buy them again. they are very pleasant to the taste and at the end of the drop comes the great taste of honey.. i will get these again. And they clear the sinus.”

“I have been singing for many years. These cough drops are the best thing I have found for vocal issues.”

“These throat drops are excellent for opening clogged nasal passages and making a sore throat feel better. I’m a singer and I like to take one before I sing. Makes my throat and passages more open for better singing.”

“No words can describe how tasty this cough drop is. I eat them like candy and couldn’t stop myself! The liquid honey in the middle is the best part of the whole thing. Can’t wait to try the milk and honey flavor next time.”

“These are great cough drops – I love the honey center. Family favorite, prefer these over other store items I try to stock up so we have them on hand through the winter.”

“These are the only cough drops I’ll use. The menthol/eucalyptus is strong, but doesn’t burn or taste ‘medicine-y.’ The honey is uniquely soothing.”

“These are best tasting cough drop and if you like honey with a little menthol you are going love this product.”

“They are wonderful. My customers can’t get enough of them.”