“The honey is uniquely soothing.”
F. Ryan, Oregon
“My customers can't get enough of them.”
J. Mills, Massachusetts
“Nothing soothes my sore throat better!”
L. Santanelli, Connecticut


Where can I buy HONEES?

Use our store locator to find stores close to you. Just enter your zip code and presto!
Our preferred online retailer is iHerb. You can also google the phrase “honees” or “honees cough drops,” and lots of other options will appear.

Where can I learn more about the Gardens for Bees program?

We’re donating over $50,000 in 2019 to groups planting sustainable gardens to provide food and habitat for bees. Get the latest updates at our Gardens for Bees Blog.

Are HONEES gluten-free?

Yes! HONEES are gluten-free. Pursuant to FDA guidelines, any product containing less than 20 PPM (parts per million) of gluten are in fact gluten-free. HONEES contains less than 5 PPM of gluten, which is the lowest testable limit and far more stringent than FDA standards.”

How are HONEES gluten-free if an ingredient is derived from wheat?

We know, this one is confusing.  We are required by law to list each and every ingredient on our packages, and in the case of glucose syrup, what it is derived from. The glucose syrup used to make our HONEES drops is derived from wheat, however, all wheat proteins are removed during the refinement process.

Are HONEES made in a facility that also uses peanuts?

No, there are no peanuts used for any products in that facility.

Are HONEES made in a facility that also uses tree nuts?

Hazelnuts are present in the same facility, but note that all production lines are sanitized between production runs.

How many calories in each HONEES cough drop?

There are 16 calories in each cough drop.

How many grams of sugar are in each cough drop?

There are 4 grams of sugar in each HONEES drop.

Is honey GMO-free?

Pure natural honey is, by definition, a non-GMO food.

Are HONEES natural?

Yes! There is absolutely nothing artificial in any HONEES product.

Do you have coupons or samples?

Sorry, but no.