Natural Throat Drops

“The honey is uniquely soothing.”
F. Ryan, Oregon
“My customers can't get enough of them.”
J. Mills, Massachusetts
“Nothing soothes my sore throat better!”
L. Santanelli, Connecticut

Milk & Honey Natural Throat Drops Bar

Made in the foothills of the Italian alps where cows graze on alpine flowers. Our most soothing drops have creamy centers of whipped milk and honey and are menthol-free. These all-natural drops are our personal favorite.

Honey Filled Natural Throat Drops with Ginger Bar

These natural cough drops feature honey and ginger, two of nature’s legendary remedies. Each throat drop has a center of pure liquid honey paired with real Indonesian ginger. Ginger has been traditionally used to calm tummies, and honey to calm coughs. Now you have the best of both with these natural honey ginger drops.